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Waxing is a form of hair removal that pulls the hair out at the root which leaves the skin smoother for longer without annoying, painful razor bumps. Waxing also lightly exfoliates the skin which keeps it glowing and healthy.

How can I prepare for my waxing appointment?

Drink plenty of water in the few days prior and lightly exfoliate the area the day before. Being dehydrated for your appointment can cause the hairs to become more brittle and break off without actually pulling the hair up by the root causing your wax to not last as long as well as not getting as smooth of a wax. Well hydrated hair and skin will allow the hair to slip out nice and evenly! Exfoliating the area will help lift up the tiny little baby hairs that are laying down just under the top layer of skin. This helps to reduce the amount of tweezing, appointment time, and pain involved in the appointment.

Is my hair long enough/too long to be waxed?

Your hair needs to be about 1/4 inch long or the length of  a grain of rice to be waxed. If it is not it will make the process more painful and not pull up the hairs so we will have to turn you away. If your hair fairly long please do not trim it. It does indeed make the process a tiny bit more painful as the longer hair can drag through the wax a bit, but usually when people trim their hair they tend to trim it too short and then we wouldn't be able to perform the treatment at all. So we just say leave it and try not to wait so long next time!

Is Waxing Painful?

Waxing does hurt but the more you do it (on a regular basis) the less your will feel it. This is because every time you wax regularly the part where the hair grows out of the skin becomes a little more weakened and cannot grow a hair that is as strong as the last, which also make the hair that you do grow thinner and more sparse.

What should I do after waxing?

Your pores are open after waxing so you will want to keep the area clean for 48 hours to ensure you are not creating new breakouts. You must wear sunscreen, especially on the are of skin that has been waxed, if it is going to be in the sunlight. Also when the hair is growing back in exfoliating every couple of days can help keep your skin soft for the new hairs to grow out the easiest way which helps prevent ingrown hairs.

We offer full body waxing for women and most body waxing for men!

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