The Perfect On-Trend Gift Guide For The Hottest Beauty Tools

Holiday shopping is in full swing and there are so many great things happening in the space were technology and beauty items intersect. What’s so exciting is that things we couldn’t even conceive of five or ten years ago are not only cropping up daily, but are even available to us at home and not just to big salons or specialty stores. Let’s take a good look at a few of today’s hottest beauty tools and gadgets that will help you take your home beauty game to the next level.

Practical Yet Effective: High Tech Travel Mirror

To look your best you have to be able to see yourself, even while you’re on the go. That means you have to have a good mirror with you while you’re traveling for the holidays or for work or even if you’re out and about and need a touchup. The rule of thumb is that if you can’t see it then you can’t fix it. This portable lighted mirror setup from Sharper Image is just the thing. It’s 6 inches in diameter and is stacked with eight powerful LED lights that will allow you to see your skin clearly, even in a low light room. The mirror also packs a 10X magnification wallop as well. After you’re done, its ultra thin clamshell design allows you to fold it up into a 1 inch thick disk that slips easily back into your purse. Don’t leave home without this one! $69.99 from Sharper Image.

Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller by Nurse Jamie

Don’t ask us how it works, but it just does. Are you wanting professional facial results at home but don’t have the time? Then you may just have to wave your magic wand to get your skin energized, uplifted, and revived: The Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller by Nurse Jamie is the magic wand you’ve been looking for.

We’ve all seen Nurse Jamie all over the silver screen on E! News and Extra. She knows her stuff. Here are some great things about this delicious roller: it is battery free! No need to charge or swap batteries. This “utilizes a unique rhythmic rolling action, replicating the techniques used in my signature facials at our exclusive spas to help improve the appearance of skin tone for a more renewed, youthful-looking you” (as mentioned in the product description on Sephora). It’s a perfect stocking stuffer or little something extra for a beauty-conscious friend or family member. $69.00 w/free shipping at

Skin Rejuvenating Pillowcase With Copper Oxide by iluminage

You know how they always tell you to “not sleep on” a good deal? Well ignore that advice for this hot new product. You’ll definitely want to sleep on this revolutionary skin refreshing pillowcase by iluminage (aka the Ponds Institute) available at Macy’s. This technological breakthrough product is a comfy pillowcase that is infused with naturally germ fighting copper oxide strands that help your skin rejuvenate all night long. The copper ions are gently added to your skin’s outer dermal layer that empower your skin’s natural rejuvenation system while you sleep. It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles among other age defying properties. This gives a literal meaning to getting your beauty rest! $42.00 from Macy’s.

Give The Gift of Spa Treatment by Skin Love Aesthetics

Of course, don’t forget that we at Skin Love Aesthetics already have the best cutting edge gear available to give you the best possible spa experience. Our gift cards make the perfect gift to a friend or loved one who wants the very best professional facial, chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or waxing. We offer those services and more to help your skin look radiant, ageless, and refreshed. Treat yourself to a mini spa day this holiday season and come on by our center or book an appointment online here. You can also give us a call at: (720) 448-2331. Good luck with your holiday shopping and don’t forget to take care of yourself too!

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