The Benefits of Getting a Professional Facial

Everyone loves to be pampered. In today’s stressful world of constant tweet storms and pressures from an unstable economy, taking time to take care of your body and to help elevate your mental state is more important than ever. While getting a monthly facial done by a professional may seem like a “luxury” item to some, it can really have some benefits to your overall health and well being. And who can put a price tag on that?

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Relieve Stress
While it is hard to exactly quantify and calculate the immediate benefits of relaxing while getting a professional facial, they definitely exist. Have a few minutes of “me-time” is akin to a guided meditation or relaxing moment of prayer and reflection. You can’t put the benefits in a test tube, but you can certainly feel them in your soul. When you can unplug and relax for even just a half an hour, you can really feel your strength of will return so you can leave the facial feeling like you can take on anything that life throws your way (at least until next time!).

Increased Blood Flow and Circulation
Getting a professional facial can be really good for your skin’s overall health too! It increases the blood flow and circulation to the pores and capillaries in your face which brings an abundance of oxygen rich blood cells. Increasing the circulation to your skin can leave you with a radiant glow and can leave your face looking and feeling years younger. Getting regular facials can ensure that your skin is getting the valuable nutrients and minerals and hydration that it craves. This helps to fight wrinkles and skin defects as we age too.

Fight Infections
Many illnesses that we suffer from are caused by bacteria build ups that make their way into our body through either our eyes, nose, or mouth. If you keep the skin on your face and the surrounding areas clean and free of germs, then you have a better chance of not getting sick with a cold or flu or other airborne infections that we are exposed to everyday. If you are planning on traveling a lot, especially around the holidays, it might be a good idea to get a facial soon after landing at your destination. It could be good for your body both inside and out! Making sure your face is clean and disinfected can help you stay on your feet for more days out of the year which can lead to you taking fewer sick days so you can save them for trips with family or that girl’s trip you’ve been planning.

All in all, having a regular facial provides so much more of a benefit than just helping your skin look better. Facials are an essential part to help keep your mind, body, and soul refreshed and ready to take on anything. We offer several great facial options for you to choose from. Each one will leave you feeling radiant and refreshed!

Our Signature Facial
This facial is the perfect, monthly, maintenance facial. You will get a deep cleanse, pore extractions, exfoliation, moisturizing, and relaxation out of this facial.

Our Custom Designer Facial
This is an elite facial. You get everything in the signature facial as well as microcurrent, microdermabrasion, and massage all in a full hour and a half session customized just for you. This is a perfect facial package for your spa day with friends or for a treat for your birthday or to celebrate a big promotion or graduation!

Our Express Facial
While time really is of the essence, we help you MAKE time by offering this excellent express facial. This facial is compact for the busy bee. It is all about getting it done. You will get a deep cleanse and pore extractions.

Stop by today to book the facial that’s right for you!

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