Lash Lift

The lash lift is a to give your lashes a natural curled look. This makes them more visible and curled for up to 8 weeks. To darken them you can add a tint to it and just forget about mascara all together!

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Your brows and lashes are what define and frame your face, make them bold with lash and brow tinting at Skin Love Aesthetics.

Lash Tinting

Do you already have fabulous lashes but they are too light for how you like them? Well a lash tint is just the right thing for you. We can tint your lashes jet black and this lasts for up to 4 weeks. This means no runny mascara at the pool and no mascara smudges at work!

Brow Tinting

We have two different types of brow tint- Henna Brow Tint, and regular brow tint. The Henna Brow Tinting slightly tints your skin to give your brows a thicker appearance as well as tinting your brow hairs which can last up to 6 weeks! The regular Brow Tinting is to darken your eyebrow hairs for up to 4 weeks!

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