Halloween Makeup Tips and Tricks (And Treats!)

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It’s that time of year again. Some would say it is the best holiday of the year, and they would be absolutely right. It’s almost Halloween! And that means lots of candy, and partying with friends, (and maybe a few adult beverages) and lots of makeup. Makeup plays a huge part in just about every Halloween costume. From novices to seasoned veterans, makeup can make or break your costume’s potential. Let’s look at some great makeup tips that you can use right away for this year’s festivities.

Test First. No Regrets Later
Everybody’s skin is different. Since not all makeups are created equal, it is a good idea to do a light test run of your makeup a few days BEFORE the big night in order to test three things:

  • Ensure that your makeup blends with your skin’s natural pallet
  • Test to see if you breakout or are allergic to the makeup in any way. If you notice a rash or irritation, ditch that makeup immediately and get something else
  • This is a good time to test the staying power of your makeup for your costume. Does it run or bleed too much (no pun intended)? If your makeup starts to self destruct after dancing to a few songs in your living room then it will most certainly be in a bad way at a packed club or Halloween party. Switch it out if it starts to run too much!

Always be prepared!
Before you put on your first layer of foundation for your costume, make sure to cover your face (and other parts of your skin that will be made up) with a light coat of Vaseline or your favorite skin oil. This will help you remove stubborn and cakey makeup after a long night of partying. Your skin will thank us later.

Fake blood and stain removal
Ever dress up as a zombie or a vampire and get a little overzealous with the fake blood on parts of your body and clothing? As we all know, that fake blood can stick and stain your skin for days on end after the evening festivities have wrapped up. A great way to take care of those pesky skin dye spots is with toothpaste and shaving cream, of course!

First, try some toothpaste in a small cup or bowl and add about a tablespoon of water to two tablespoons of toothpaste. Mix it up so it is a pasty liquid that is easily applied to the affected areas. Leave on your skin for about three minutes then wipe off with a baby wipe or damp paper towel. You can also apply shaving cream directly to the affected bloody or stained areas for a similar effect!

Take care of your makeup brushes and applicators
One of the biggest casualties of Halloween that gets overlooked the most is your poor makeup brushes and applicators. These little guys can be expensive and a pain to replace. Take good care of them by making sure they get a good cleaning after the All Hallow’s Eve gore-fest has subsided. Grab some baby shampoo and run your brushes under warm tap water. Take your baby shampoo and squirt a quarter sized blob into your palm. Rub the ends of your brushes in the shampoo until thoroughly coated. Let them sit for two to three minutes while you do the same with the others. Rinse clean under warm tap water again. Air dry.

We wish you a safe and spectacular Halloween this year! And, after the festivities have died down a bit, schedule an appointment with us to get our luxurious signature facial. You’ll be back to feeling like yourself in no time! Call today to let us know when you can come in: (720) 448-2331.

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