Our Approach

At Skin Love Aesthetics we strive to provide our guests with the best services and options to achieve optimal results. We believe in the perfect balance of attacking whatever your skincare problem may be and making you feel wonderful at the end of your treatment.

Our Story

Kaylee White, the owner at Skin Love, saw a gap in the beauty industry. The gap where we are still telling women what is wrong with them, and "what they need to fix." She believes that all women are beautiful, courageous, and strong, and deserve to feel that way. Kaylee' s vision is to provide services that can enhance the beauty that women already have, not "fix" anything that is wrong with them. This is how Skin Love Aesthetics was born.

Meet the Team

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Kaylee White



Kaylee is the owner and esthetician at Skin Love Aesthetics. She brings passion drive, and love to the skincare industry. Her dream is to empower women and help them in their journey to self love.